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Vuori Felicity appears to be a comprehensive solution that caters specifically to the needs of women, offering not just physical tools

but also a supportive community and service system to foster a positive and enduring relationship with fitness.

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Value Proposition

Light equipment designed specifically for women

Home fitness, boosted by Covid, remains favored, especially by women unwilling to return to gyms. Unfortunately, many small fitness products, often designed for men or driven by cost-cutting, neglect women's comfort.


Brand Extension

Introduce a fitness equipment line aligned with the brand's values, leveraging its reputation to enter a new market.

Practicing Yoga at Home

Lifestyle Integration

Position fitness equipment as integral to a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing a holistic approach in content and marketing.

Image by Luis Reyes

Innovative Designs

Design fitness equipment reflecting the brand's commitment to innovation and quality, setting it apart in the industry.

Practicing Yoga

Customer Experience

Ensure a seamless and positive customer experience, offering educational resources and support to enhance the overall fitness journey.

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1 : 1 Scale Model

Felicity: Services
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Home Workout System

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The inclusion of a service system indicates that Felicity goes beyond just providing physical equipment. This system likely includes guidance, tutorials, and perhaps even personalized workout plans or tracking features to enhance the overall fitness experience for users.

  • By connecting users to fitness-related communities, Felicity encourages a sense of belonging and support. This social aspect can be motivating and inspiring, especially for beginners or those looking for a community to share their fitness journey with.

  • This holistic approach not only addresses the physical aspect of fitness but also recognizes the importance of mental and emotional support. Creating a sense of belonging within a community fosters a positive attitude towards fitness, making it more likely for users to develop a lasting habit.

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Online Video

Visualization 2D

Pop out to help

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Felicity: Welcome
Felicity: What We Do


Felicity provides weights that are designed to be user-friendly and simple, catering to the needs of women. The flexibility of the weights suggests adaptability to different fitness levels and preferences, making them

  • Felicity aims to promote a lifestyle attitude towards fitness, suggesting that it goes beyond a mere workout routine. This holistic approach suggests that Felicity aims to help users incorporate fitness into their daily lives, making it a sustainable and long-term commitment.

  • The emphasis on easy integration into busy lives acknowledges the challenges women often face in maintaining a consistent fitness routine. Felicity aims to make it convenient for users to incorporate weight training into their schedules, recognizing the importance of practicality and accessibility.

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Movement Tracker allows tracking your movements, keeping you motivated to finish your workout.


A motion detector is an electrical device that utilizes a sensor to detect nearby motion. 

dumbell-1 storage surface.jpg


Layout pricise and flexibility attachment for saving sapce and looks clean.

mat-2 mat-2.jpg


As a decorative accessory so that it can be left out on display.

overview weights.png

Organic & Round, not aggressive feel with the edges.

weights surface weights surface.jpg

Leather or rubber soft material combined with solid material for durability.

Felicity: What We Do
mat-1 mat-1 (1).jpg
plus bottom mat-1.png
mat-2 mat-1.png
Le 1.jpg


#5305 C / #7632 C
#Warm Gray 1 C
#19-0303 TCX

Weights Material

Pure Lead/Tungsten

Weights Finish

Vegan Leather/Rubber

Storage Handle

Glossy & brushed aluminum

Felicity: What We Do
dumbell-1 PLUS WINDOW.jpg

Smartbell + 

Coming Soon

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The premium version could provide access to more advanced and personalized training programs. This might include customized workout plans based on individual fitness levels, goals, and progress.

  • Live Coaching or Virtual Classes:

  • A premium version could offer live coaching sessions or virtual fitness classes, providing users with real-time guidance from fitness experts.

  • Enhanced Analytics and Progress Tracking:

  • Premium users may enjoy more in-depth analytics on their progress, including detailed performance metrics, goal tracking, and insights into their fitness journey.

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Felicity: Welcome
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Homey after use

plus overview PLUS.jpg

Rollable screen

plus dumbbells PLUS WEIGHTS.jpg

Wireless charging

plus bottom PLUS BOTTOM.jpg

Speaker base

Felicity: What We Do
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It's a way of life

Vuori Felicity

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