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Hi, I'm Lele

I’ve always been self-motivated and disciplined, from academic achievements to my career as a professional model.

Working with major brands such as Vogue, Dior, and Bazaar has given me a deep understanding of brand identity, their positioning, and their ability to sell a daydream.

As an Industrial Designer, I immerse myself in understanding the needs of the user, encompassing their behaviors, culture, economics, and unconscious desires.

By integrating research, interviews, and insights, I discover meaningful opportunities to connect premium brands to their target market.

Through form language, CMF, and aesthetics, I craft an emotional story and envision a new definition of luxury.

Through the power of design, I aspire to create the next daydream.

01.2023 - 04.2023
BOX CLEVER - Industrial design internship

09.2022 - 01.2023

Essential Design - Industrial design internship

06.2021 - 05.2022

PHOENIX Design - Industrial design internship

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