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Montblanc C

is the meaning of combining cooking experience and chef moments. This design creates unique form and innovation structure for knives and cutting boards by following users and brand needs.  MONTBLANC knife set will make the cutting experience into a ceremony moment for users and elevating brands strategy.

Ergonomic | Form Design

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Montblanc C: FAQ

Cooking become a lifestyle needs and socializing with family.

Behavior Trends
More than half of U.S. adults claim they really enjoy cooking (53%) and more than a third consider the kitchen to be the most important room in the home (35%)

Well-educated male user are the first-stage user of Montblanc.

Potential User Group
Cooking increases overall from 2003-2016. The percent of college-educated men cooking increased from 37.9% in 2003 to 51.9% in 2016.

Innovation structures for knife with elegant design language celebrate the cutting into more ceremony moment.

User Journey

Cutting is the most important part during the cooking , Due to the transitional manufacturing methods, knife are always using handle to clip the middle metal piece, which will limited design and also using ability.

Montblanc is well-known by the exquisite craftsmanship, especially the fountain pen in metal. The impression to user is reliable and trustworthy.

Brand Strategy

Kitchen set will be a good start to target home products with well-known brand image. As the luxury level that Montblanc created, the user are more willing to buying this price range with social or status needs.

Montblanc C: Services
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Form Transition

Rounded curvature connected with straight lines to create angular but elegant flow.

Texture on Metal

Apply texture into metal parts to increase the holding experience and visually high-end class feeling.

Logo application

Applying logo into holding end as the brand iconic elements with 2 or 3 different CMF ashighlight.

Montblanc C: Accessibility Policy

Bread | Chef | Utility | Paring


Those four knives are the most common use knives in the cutting process.


Instead of having traditional ’sandwiches‘ structure, creating ’made in one piece‘ to elevate the aesthetic and simplify the manufacturing process.


Applying the Montblanc design language to the knife surfaces, use the sleek lines highlight the precise and solid feeling.

Connected the hard surface with soft transitions make it visually less aggressive and less boring.

The proportion will keep those as horizontally long and thin, to reduce the volume and keep it consistency.


Applying the texture on the handle for increasing holding experience and adding the iconic brand logo on the end of knife.

Montblanc C: Text
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