Montblanc C

Kitchen Set

Montblanc C is the meaning of combining the cooking experience and the chef moments. It can help MONTBLANC brand extend their market to kitchen area, since the other luxury brands haven’t target the commercial kitchen knives area.

14 Weeks | Personal Project

5th Term Level in ArtCenter


The Opportunity

Why Cooking

More than half of U.S. adults claim they really enjoy cooking (53%) and more than a third consider the kitchen to be the most important room in the home (35%)

Who Cooking

Cooking increased overall from 2003 to 2016. The percent of college-educated men cooking increased from 37.9% in 2003 to 51.9% in 2016.

Montblanc Cooking

The commercial kitchen knives market is poised to grow by USD 134.1 million during 2020-2024.


Design Direction

Design Sleek

Straight edges and simplify style makes the knife set clean and modern.

Design Exquisite

Most lines are straight but will have slightly curved to connect.

Design Transition

The surface that connect the handle and the metal part will be smoothly transition from organic to angular.

Design Precise

The design will be precise on how to well-organized.


Kitchen Set

"Montblanc C" is the meaning of combining cooking experience and chef moments. This design creates anti-bacterial space for knives and cutting boards and will make the cutting experience extremely smooth. It is a high-tech kitchen set to build a new home product market for the Montblanc brand, which contained four essential knives, two cutting boards, one storage.

storage layout.258.jpg

Storage in Kitchen

The Montblanc C storage can be place on the kitchen table or under the cabinet.

storage logo.251.jpg

Battery Lighting | Charging Port

There is one battery lighting on each side, so that user can notice the battery in an easy gesture. There are one charging port in each side, so that it can fit in to different kitchens.


Automative Open

The motion sensor will catch user’s movement. It can open automative so that user do not need to touch the storage if their hands are wet while cooking.


Insert Knife

There are six gap space for family essential knives.


Magnetic Guide

It has one magnetic holder on each side and will follow the track towards to the storage. So when it closed, the knife will be aligned in the storage.

storage open.245.jpg

Two Cutting Boards

Having one cutting board for food before cooking and another one is for food that already cook. Two cutting boards in two colors will help user anti-bacterial.


Motion Close

While the user finished, they can lift the cover  a little and the sensor will automative close it. Or user can manually close it.

knife sharpener detail.jpg

Knife Sharpener

The knife sharpener can be hide inside of the storage. When the knife need to be more sharp, user can rotate the knife sharpener. And there are four steps to guide user sharp their knife.


Cutting Boards Surface

At the edges, the concave surface is designed to guide the water or any liquid.

black& white-close.226.jpg

Knife Set

Bread Knife

Uses︎: Cutting︎︎︎︎︎︎ through thick bread crusts︎. Fruits and vegetables with tough outer skins.

Chef Knife

Uses︎: Chopping, Slicing︎Mincing, Dicing

Utility Knife

Uses: tomato, sausage, cold cuts, crusty bread. ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎ ︎︎︎︎︎︎

Paring Knife

Uses︎: Mincing︎Peeling, Coring ︎Removing eyes in potatoes.


Knife Design Language

Inspired by the Montblanc Letter Opener

4 KNIVES.234.jpg

Knife Handle With Texture

Although using one material for all knives but adding texture to the handle part will improve holding experience for users.