Insafe is a high-tech protection device that hangs on an interior doorknob. When potential intruders touch the outside door handle, the capacity will go through to the metal handle. Insafe will sensor those data and send alerts to your devices. Also, it can alarm to scare the bad guys away before they opened the door.


Google Nest

Google Nest is a brand of Google LLC used to market smart home products including smart speakers, smart displays, streaming devices, thermostats, smoke detectors, routers, and security systems including intelligent doorbells, cameras, and intelligent locks.


The Opportunity

People who are highly aware of living space security. Instead of installing a set of security systems, they use a small device to prohibit the potential intruder in the small living area, such as an apartment. 

People who are traveling a lot. They use a hotel cup to hang on the inside of the hotel doorknob, in case the door open that they cannot notice while they are sleeping.


Insafe creates a portable safety system for the Nest brand. Nest has a range of products for home security, but they all need installation. As globalization and technique grow fast, portable safety systems can reach Nest's un-target market, such as people who live in a hotel, apartment, or Airbnb.


Hang on Door Handle

The human body has capacitive, so when people touch the outside of the doorknob, the capacitive will go through to the doorknob metal pieces. The sensor will collect the data.


Bring Safety to Your Life

No matter where you go, where you live, or where you want to stay, bring safety to the environment. The upgraded Insafe is a refined handful of personal security. Designed to take care of you and your indoor personal belongings.


Go Further. Stay Longer

With powerful battery life and a refined, lighter design, nothing holds you back from collecting the data on your door handle. The ultra-portable Insafe delivers up to 18 hours of worktime at a typical alarm level.


Now fully dust and waterproof

The durable Insafe is waterproof and utterly resistant to dust and sand. From your luggage to the door handle, the sensor will keep collecting wherever you bring it – or accidentally drop it.


Visual Alarm

Once the Insafe starts connecting data, it will be blinking three times in the beginning. If anyone outside of your door touches the door handle for more than 3 seconds, the led will turn on and will light up very strong so that the potential intruders can see the inside is light up, and they will stop.


Easy for Setting 

The unsafe will offer a straightforward interface for users. It will be allowed users to use any media to connect with Insafe, such as emails, messages, or phone calls.


Any Door Handle 

The inside circle metal is designed to touch the door handle to have a sure surface to connect and collect data consistently. It can use any door handle, no matter what size or shape.