Caring Crib

Baby | Furniture

Caring Crib creates a baby product that has two modes for BABYBJORN brand.

14 Weeks | Personal Project

2th Term Level in ArtCenter


The Opportunity

33% Consumers will waste money and materials for buying new baby furniture, especially baby easily get limited by the space because of fast growing.

Designing a crib that have transition after infant grow up, will help baby foster independence and free parents hands.


Design Direction

Primitive forms and simple design language. With solid, environmental friendly materials to support motion mechanism.

Color- Tone of nature

Materials-Soft fabric with natural wood

Finish- Natural fabric 


Caring Crib

0-15 Months | 16 Months +

It provides natural protection for infants 0-15 months and also provides a clean space for fostering independence.


0-15 Months

Create a safe environment for infants to make better connecting with parents.



Use the crib bottom as a package container will protect the inside component and use less material for packaging.


Mechanism Structure

The mattress can easily take apart and it was designed to be washable.

 Insert two on the bottom and the other two to the top fence.

 Hide the nylon fabric between the rope and the bottom.



The mattress can easily take apart and it was designed to be washable.



When baby get skills and limited by the crib's space, it is time to transition. This design can extend the time of usage instead of parent's through crib away after baby grow up.



Put the mattress underneath the open legs and  take apart 4 fences.


Legs Stand

It has one magnetic holder on each side and will follow the track towards to the storage. So when it closed, the knife will be aligned in the storage.


Fence Lock

Extend the fabric flat and insert the short pipe into the top.


Insert & Rotate to Lock

Insert the four pipe into the irregular hole of legs.


Close Two Sides with Fabric

There are two fabric pieces are hidden in two fences. After open it, extend it to top and lock it with buckles.


16 Months +

Create a place that child can develop their own thinking independently and has a  private comfortable space.


Free Parents' Hands

When baby have the ability to walk and run, parents are always have to keep an eye on them because of safety. But now parents can relax and have their hands free for a while.