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Caring Crib

provides natural protection for infants 0-15 months and provides a clean space for fostering independence, can follow babies through their story up to 3yr in 2 modes with easy transition.

Student Notable

Furniture & Lighting Award

Core77 Design Awards 2021

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Caring Crib: FAQ

How to extend baby furniture using value?

Parents will waste money and materials for buying new baby furniture, especially baby easily get limited by the space because of fast growing.

How to provide safe and clean space for baby?

Parents have to keep on the eye for baby while their are playing at home and barely parents can have their private moment.

2 Modes Transition

Extend Value

Most baby cribs lose their functions when the baby grows up to extend the baby crib's functionality and meet different needs as the baby grows. Creating a crib with a dual-mode can meet the baby's growing needs and help the parents' care needs.

Caring Crib: Video

Mode -1

0-16 months

This method can not only reduce packaging space but also save packaging materials and achieve environmentally sustainable development.The first mode of Caring Crib can be easily assembled.

All the designs used are made of natural wood materials and wrapped with nylon cloth to prevent

the baby from being injured by the collision.

Caring Crib: Accessibility Policy

Take apart Mode-1 transition to Mode- 2

When baby limited by crib space

After a year, the baby will crawl when he grows up and even start to stand or walk.

At this time, the baby's mobility is enhanced, and it needs the parents' immediate

care to prevent accidents.

Usually, during this year, parents will find it challenging to accomplish their things,

and basically, all their energy is taking care of the baby.

Caring Crib: Accessibility Policy
IMG_2672 2的副本.jpg

Mode -2

16 months +

Caring Crib's second mode can create a space to train babies to learn to be independent on their own, and it can also help parents free their hands for a certain period. The second mode is disassembled and assembled again from the first mode.

Caring Crib: Accessibility Policy
Caring Crib: Pro Gallery
Caring Crib: Image
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