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Skincare System

create a personalized healthy skin care system for people who have sensitive skin. Tech acquisitions push towards customized beauty products and anti-allergic experiences. Connected beauty systems provide personalized skincare treatments by gathering daily skin data.

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How to know what happened on our face everyday?

With so many skincare choices available, we often overuse or combine products, which can make our skin more sensitive.

How to know if the skincare product suitable for our face?

Most people who are prone to allergies use natural skincare products because they are afraid that using new product will cause allergies.

How to know what’s the right ingredients and use on our face?

Ingredient transparency has become a top priority for beauty and personal care brands.

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Tool Set

Technology-backed Devices

To help the user with their sensitive facial skin, safer, and more aging skincare, this design incorporates equipment with facial skin detection technology into current customer daily skincare habits.



Connected Data Analysis

Users use mobile phone systems analysis of feedback.You can Leverage mobile apps to pre-empt choice according to your skin problems, thereby avoiding common issues and allergies caused by abuse of skincare products.



Personalize Skincare Treatments

After you purchase through the app, you will receive single ingredient without chemical additives. It can make biggest effects for different purposes without allergy.

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Cleansing Brush 2 bristle types for targeted, sonic cleansing in hard-to-reach areas. Ergonomic flow holding form in matte plastic with soft rubber underneath.



Grab a a piece of makeup cotton and clip it on the metal surface.The ultrasonic wave will enhance the toning go deeper into your skin.


Scan Massager

Radio frequency massager can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, besides scanning and updating the data of your skin condition to the app.

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Collected your skin data and track your skin cycle.

Focusing on evidence-based skin analysis and developing mechanisms to track skin changes over time from the detection massager. Connected Reborn App to personalize skincare treatments, gather user behavioral data and encourage loyalty within brand- powered skincare ecosystems.

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