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Portable Safety Device

Insafe is a portable high-tech protection device that scale potential intruders by hangs on an interior doorknob. Insafe will alarm and send alerts to your devices while intruders are touching the outside door handle.

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How to let more people able to use security devices easily?

Lots of brands have security products for big house and will needed a installation on the wall or door. But lots of people live in apartment or even a private room.

How to make security device easy to carry?

Lots of hotel or apartment cannot secure the inside belongings in many countries. People are aware of security while travel or live in a new place, but they have limited options.


Be Safe Anywhere

User journey

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Hang on Door Handle


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Capacitive Sensor

Prototype Validation

To distinguish the potential intruders, normal people will only knock the door without touching the door handle. But the intruders will carefully open the lock and grab the door handle to avoid noise.

Human body has the capacitive, so the intruders touch the outside of the doorknob will send the capacitive go through the doorknob metal. 

This device will collect the data and once the capacitive over the average, it will alarm to notify you and scale the intruders.

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Get Alarm if …

Choose a way to notify you

After the capacitive go up to a certain level, the sensor will send alarm to you.

At the meantime, Insafe will alarm loudly to scare the potential intruder before the door got broken.

Insafe provides you different modes of notifications based on your environment.

  • Remote mode can alarm you by email, a message or a phone call.

  • Voice mode can alarm you and scale intruders by music or recording voice.

  • Lighting mode can alarm you visually by strong lighting flash.

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